Choreographies of Labo(u)r (2020)

The attempt of creating artificiality: the paradox process of constructing intimacy. Finding patterns and structures in capturing the ‘Choreographies of Labo(u)r’ in the very specificity of precise actions and body movements of (undocumented) oversea workers in their field of execution. Thus creating juxtapositions of diverse acts of mechanical and soft gesticulations that can be translated into a performative act: causing a double bind — the intimate tie between behaviour and communication — in the collective minds that transpose methodologies of violence and exploitation into the actuality and climate of daily life.

In these intimate moments of confrontation and confidentiality: do we expose, elevate and exhibit; forcing distinction, drawing a distance in-between; injure and impose our immanent conceptions? Can we recapitulate and allow ourselves, at least for a moment, to suspend the bias, possible implications and complications, the fatigue and failures of collaboration, institutionalisation and professionalisation?

5-Channel Video / Steel Frame / Swivel Chairs

Q. What is a veritable accelerator in the process of merging and consolidation, forming symbiotic meaningful relationships that transition to a new mindset of solidarity and togetherness?