Written in Codes (2021)

Submission f. Helmholtz Pioneer Campus Munich

‘Remember, what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening’

Histories of mysticism and science have long dealt with the simultaneous appropriation and refusal of seemingly opposite values — belief and knowledge. The installation creates a connection, a portal, between the two locations of the Helmholtz Zentrum München and forms a metaphorical symbiosis of science and mythology. In the context of the genius loci of the research institute, the work mutates into a tangible source of transformation; from object to oracle.

The site-specific work reverberates topics of transcendence, transparency, representation, monitoring and dissemination of images, symbols and ideas embedded in the surrounding research facility. A transmission of spherical representation that merges conceptions; transcendence and immanence — metaphysical perception and réalité guided by the vectors of technological change, escaping the imperative of systematic immanence within institutions and individuals, and requires the reactivation of affective connectivity.

Against the background of the current pandemic, an omnipresent polemical (un)sharpness and a global precarious ecosystem, the work opens a dualistic discourse that is based on supposedly fundamental different values and opposing positions. A narration that expands the terminology of architectural space, examines the dogma of mysticism, and explores methodologies of data acquisition and knowledge formation.